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About us

Coming from south China (3hours by train to Guangzhou, shenzhen), our factory is located in Du'An county, the home of weaving garden product, from here, there are thousands of containers shipping to all over the world yearly.

We started to engage in manufacturing weaving garden product since 2012, with rich experience in manufacturing and sales of local market, we started exporting since 2016, the company named Guangxi Nanning Sunflower Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd is registered for convenient exporting afterwards.

Our product range including:

Garden planter, hanging basket, wall basket, animal basket, dried/fresh flower basket, artificial flower basket, Cornucopia, Christmas rattan skirt, Christmas vine wreath, artificial flower accessory such as rattan star, rattan photo frame.

OEM design: more than 1000 designs.

Customized order: available.

Factory size: 3800 square meter.

Labor worker quantity : 500 .

In order to fulfil customers demand, we also introduce swing chair and other garden products to our product line.

What is the benefit of cooperating with us? Reliable, fast production lead time, seamless team work. Welcome customers from all over the world.




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