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Frequently Ask Questions:

  1. What is the port do you close to ?

    Answer: We are close to Shenzhen port, Guangzhou port.

  2. What is the MOQ per item ?

    Answer: Normally 500pcs per item.

  3. Do you accept LCL order ?

    Answer: We can accept small order quantity, but since the price quoted normally base on a full container (20GP), so if you have less quantity, it'd better to check the price again.

  4. What is the production lead time for your item ?

    Answer: it depends. For the off season, normally 45-50days, for peak season, normally 60days.

  5. What is your payment term?

    Answer: 30% deposit, balance before shipment.

  6. What is the packaging of the product ?

    Answer: normally, the items quoted base on carton packaging. But there are also many customers can accept plastic weaving basket, and please don't worry, the items will not get damaged during shipment, it is very strong.




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